Happy Home Toran Virtues that Bond
Happy Home Toran Virtues that Bond
Happy Home Toran Virtues that Bond

Happy Home Toran Virtues that Bond

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Product  Concept

'Family' is a word that always brings a smile to us; as it is about people who matter most in our lives.
From a handful of people on the planet who love us most and who always stand by us, family obviously comes first. Family is our first reach for social, moral, emotional as well as financial support.
The whole perspective of a family is not just about living, eating, interacting or spending time together under one roof.
The actual strength of the family lies in its bonding and togetherness that the members share with each other.
This feeling of bonding is an outcome of numerous beautiful virtues like unconditional love, trust, sacrifice and sharing. It is this bonding that brings a feeling of belonging and being 'at home' when you're around your family members.
Needless to say, this bonding is the seed from which harmony and happiness sprout.


‘Toran' is a Devanagri word that means 'dangler' or a 'hanging'. This wooden Toran brings to you some of the essential virtues that spread the essence of happiness in a family. These are –  Appreciation, Gratitude, Love, Prayer, Forgiveness and Acceptance.

Product Colour:  Brown.

Product Dimension (In cm): Thread L-235 Wooden Triangle - 6 nos Triangle Size- 9 cm.

Product Material: Soild Wood.

Cautions and Product Care Instructions:

Hang the Toran anywhere prominently visible at your home, preferably at the door frame.
Choose one or more of the 6 virtues that you would like to consciously practice with your family members every day. For example, 'We are GRATEFUL always'.
This means you would feel and express your thankfulness to your family members for the role that they have in the family. Likewise, choose to 'FORGIVE and Let Go' whenever there is an episode of disagreement or friction.

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