Forgiveness diary

Forgiveness diary

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Life is not about holding onto painful and resentful experiences. Practicing forgiveness is the best opportunity to let go of the hurtful feelings that reside within us. Through profound understanding & acceptance of things & people around us, we can experience a sense of  lightness, ease, comfort & happiness.


The diary is nature-friendly because it is made of exquisite hand-made paper and is covered with residual & hand-woven fabric, with the surface embellishment of Shibori. The pen attached to it is ecologically friendly as well. Therefore, no harm is done to nature in the production of the diary. Every time you use this diary, it will give you a delightful & a natural touch.

How to use

This diary offers you a space to pen down your resentments, sorrows, and other pain factors in your life and replace those feelings with forgiveness & acceptance. You can also write down your burdens & give yourself a sense of relief & liberation.

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