Why do you need to be part of sustainable fashion?

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Following the trend, retail therapy and window shopping is encouraging fast-fashion these days. Well, while window-shopping within the many shelves of clothes at the stores, rarely does the idea of the environment come into your minds. The environmental destruction is done to this planet by fast-fashion and its inevitable outcomes are not something everyone is talking about and the topic is slowly being driven away from the vision of regular consumers. Nevertheless, things have certainly improved with the evolution of the concept of eco-friendly apparel.

 Sustainable fashion is all about purchasing clothes which do not or it does but a little harm to the environment while being produced, and they are not a threat to the ecosystem after being discarded. Brands that are not conscious about preserving and protecting the environment, use up a huge amount of natural resources, energy, and chemicals for the production of their garments.

 While most polyester garments find themselves at landfills, cotton takes an astronomical amount of water to be grown. So, if you are environmentally conscious and wish to do your bit, to contribute towards saving this earth, then you must accept organic clothing. Hemp fashion is coming forward as a very eco-friendly way of being stylish without damaging the environment.

Sustainable or ethical clothing has begun making its mark in the Indian market. From rewarding workers fairly, to use of natural fabrics and dyes, brands are espousing this new shift in the world of the clothing enterprise. This notion is not new to the land of Mahatma Gandhi! Most of our leaders and thinkers have disseminated the use of Swadeshi, organically grown fabrics for making attires.

Succumbed are the days when organic fashion stayed synonymous, to Old-school boring, clothes. Now you can buy designer dresses online with absolutely refreshing collections which are made from fabrics such as Cotton, handspun cotton and Hemp etc.

Bliss store is a much-loved e-store to buy designer dresses online, which has developed and advocated organic clothing. With more and more Indians becoming conscious of the environmental consequences of fast-fashion, they are making a significant shift. Today, eco-friendly apparel is made without any bargaining on quality. They are fashionable, well-designed, enduring and not to mention affordable.

Ethical fashion is the call of the day to depreciate, as well as compensation for the harm that has already been done.  Bliss Store curates brands by their modern tailoring and innovative design, that’s the reason Bliss Store has grown to be a favorite among fashion bloggers who support ethical and organic fashion. With a fine spirit of designs which have both eastern and western sensibilities, all the brands favor the use of natural fibres and Bliss store provides a way to buy designer dresses online at an affordable price. Building a timeless wardrobe for you is our ultimate goal.

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