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The T-shirt is the one of the most comfortable, cool & versatile piece of clothing in your wardrobe.  The different styles, affordable price points and easy accessibility makes it one of the most commonly owned garment, the world over. Today, t-shirts can be worn in numerous different ways and for almost any occasion, except maybe for black tie events and absolutely formal dos. Having said this, styling a Tshirt can be as easy or as daunting as you want it to be. Begin with basic colors like white, black, grey and navy and you’ll be able to style them with just about anything from jackets to knitwear to blazers to casual shirts. Once you’ve figured basic styling, you can move on to experimenting with T-shirts that have prints, designs, graphics, specific detailing and different materials to create your own personal style statement.  

Following are the 5 types of styles that will help you build your wardrobe.

1) The V Neck Style – If you have it, flaunt it!

 Funny T Shirt

The V neck t-shirt is stylish enough to make a statement by itself. It exudes confidence in oneself, highlights one’s body type and is ideal when you want to reflect your personal style in a strong yet understated way, without being too loud. It pairs extremely well with a jacket a casual chic afternoon brunch or then layered with a shirt for a day out with friends.

2) The Polo T-Shirt – When you want a Smart Casual Look

Funny T Shirt Polo

The polo collar type t-shirt is one of the most versatile styles since it can be worn formally and for casual occasions as well. It’s a great style to have in various colors to add depth to your wardrobe, so go ahead and indulge in a buying spree for these.

3) Henley T-Shirt – Add a little spunk to your wardrobe

 Henely Funky T Shirt

Commonly known as the Henley t-shirt, this style is a collarless variant of the Polo tee and a great alternative to the regular tees to up your style quotient. Available in a long sleeve option, it also protects you from the harsh sunlight when out & about town, without compromising either on your look or your cool quotient.

4) Graphic T-Shirt Style–Express your thoughts in the best way possible.

The graphic tee has always been an all-time favorite with most young buyers. An instant mood booster, the graphics and quotes on the tshirts are ideal, not just to express your thoughts or voice an opinion but also reflect your overall personality type. Buy funky t-shirts for men's wardrobes that can be worn effortlessly for a number of occasions and transition easily from regular daywear to casual evening outings, movie nights and more. Buy funky t-shirts for men from Bliss Store to speak your mind, express your feelings and show off your personality.

5) Crew Neck Style– For a very stylish appearance.

 Crew V Neck Funny T shirt

Plain t-shirts are definitely the most comfortable, relaxed garments for men to wear. The Crew neck style is just perfect for a fashionable Sunday brunch or a sundowner with friends and family. It is a loose neckline that is different from the generic style and usually accentuates a fitter body form

It is safe to say that, T-shirts are here to stay and will always be a wardrobe staple for men. Buy funky t-shirts for men from Bliss Store where you get the widest range of quirky graphic & quote tees curated from brands across the country. Have a look at the collection and start building your wardrobe with cool tees.

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